Friday, October 21, 2005

Names by Chinaroad. A collection of links to other names pages including names of various ethnic origins, name generators, pet names, nicknames, etc.

Last Name Meanings Dictionary. A collection of names by nationality (mostly European). Includes a last name search.

Heather's Page of Unusual Baby Names. A collection of name lists by type such as: old fashioned names, popular 50's names, made up names...

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

National Novel Writing Month is gearing up again. From personal experience, I'd say it's an absolute fun ride--it gives you freedom to write without your pesky internal editor. Anyways, one problem that some novelists have while planning is coming up with character names. I've included some name generators that I've gleaned from the forums:

Seventh Sanctum. It's billed as a site with tools to help writers, gamers, and artists. There are assorted generators including name generators for evil names, Greek names, fantasy names, Lovecraftian names, and many more.

Serendipity. A compilation of links to various name generators including French names, Gnome names, and even Chinese restaurant names.

Everchanging Book of Names. A shareware random name generator that is customizable.

The Generator Blog. Not only are there posts to name generators but also other types of generators. Just today, there's a link to a generator that makes graph paper.

LinksAPlenty. A compilation of writer's sites. Look under the heading "Name Generators" for a list of name sites.

The NameDB. A first names reference database.

Don't forget the ol' trusty Behind the Name website.

The Random Name Generator. Uses data from the US Census.

Fantasy Name Generator. Created by Samuel Stoddard, this is a random name generator that will help generate names of people, places, or basically anything that would be suitable for use in a fantasy setting.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Currently, I'm compiling a huge list of names including origin, meaning, and other assorted commentary. I've uploaded what I have so far here. Note: the file is 738 kb.

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