Saturday, January 29, 2005

Index of Operational and Code Names. Here's something most people don't know or think about. Code names used during World War II. Some are acronyms and others were names for specific plans, strategies, and operations being used.

Nautical Code Names. An interesting study even though this site is rather commercial--also of interest is the tile alphabet and the fabric flags used to spell out messages.

Windows Codenames. Everyone knows that "Longhorn" is the codename for Windows' next operating system after XP, but do you know the other ones? I had no idea they named a platform builder "Chainsaw".

And on a similar note here's Mac Code Names and Apple Code Names.

Book of U.S. Code Names Challenges Secrecy. A Washington Post article by Dana Priest that talks about a book exposing some names that are still classified:

If you think of a hit television series when you read the words "West Wing," then you probably do not have to worry about your next security clearance polygraph.

But if it brings to mind secret U.S. bases in Jordan, you might have a problem if you have read William M. Arkin's new book, which amounts to the sort of unauthorized dump of classified information you would have to report to protect your clearance.

In "Code Names: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World," Arkin discloses and briefly defines 3,000 military code names.

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Turkish Names: Now here's a short list of Female Turkish Names over at 20000-Names.com but if you really want to get comprehensive, go to Is it a HE or a SHE? and get a really big list of both female and male Turkish names compiled by Ozlem Uzuner.

Sixteenth-Century Turkish Names by Ursula Whitcher is an intriguing historical read. A collection of them was originally found in Istanbul. Includes links to men's and women's names as well as a list of titles and bynames.

Turkish Names for Turkish Dogs. Now how's that for niche marketing? Now you can name your bulldog with something like "Liyakatli" or "Padisah".

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Think! Baby Names. (via Research Buzz) This name database includes search and an alphabetical index.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Boobie Name Generator. This is in incredibly bad taste, but amusing.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pimp: The Backhanding. (via Kottke) Yet another name generator. Get a make-believe pimp name.

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